“If I was presented with this technical decision, I don’t know… I wasn’t the governor, but I don’t think we can self-flagellate ourselves. There is a government process underway against this company, with a request for compensation, but the fundamental issue is that the technical studies were wrong “, said Miguel Albuquerque today, in Ponta do Sol.

Referring to the Lugar de Baixo Marina, the government leader recalled that the political decision to build the Marina was based on a technical study carried out by the best laboratories.

“It was a political decision based on a technical decision. Often, technical decisions are not well studied to support public decisions”, he stressed.

The chief executive of Madeira says that a study is under way. The idea is to find a solution for the Lugar de Baixo Marina, “without putting millions and millions back into that infrastructure”.

“We are thinking of renaturalizing the space, removing the dissonant and dangerous elements, protecting the escape and returning the space to the population, but without being a bathing area because that would require a set of conditions that the infrastructure does not have”, explained Albuquerque, who warns of the fact that that area is dangerous to dive because of the iron deposited there.

From Jornal Madeira

Wouldn’t it be wise and more better for the Environment to remote all the iron first?