Regional Secretary of Education opens exhibition ‘Landscapes of Madeira’

The space ‘EntreArte’, located in the lobby of the Office of the Regional Secretary of Education, in Funchal, will host the exhibition ‘Landscapes of Madeira’ from tomorrow, June 7th. The inauguration takes place at 4:30 pm and will be attended by secretary Jorge Carvalho.

The exhibition ‘Landscapes of Madeira’ results from a challenge launched to 3rd cycle schools in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, by the Regional Secretariat for Education, Science and Technology, through the European Club of Basic and Secondary School Gonçalves Zarco and the Regional Directorate of Youth, in the sense that students venture to capture images, natural and/or humanized, of the beauty that characterizes the Madeira archipelago.

In this competition, which involved eight schools in RAM, 114 students participated, submitting around 220 photographs, of which the 50 with the most votes were selected to be exhibited.

“In line with one of the principles of the European Union, that of protecting and improving the quality of the environment, within its borders, as well as respecting the richness of cultural diversity, it is essential to know the environment that surrounds us, our nature , our culture, so that we can preserve it. With this competition, Paisagens da Madeira, the aim is to harmonize the school’s interaction with its surroundings, stimulate creativity and a taste for photography, as well as promote citizenship among students activity and sense of aesthetics”, highlights the guardianship.

From Diário Notícias

It doesn’t say how long this exhibition is on for, so I have no details of dates or time.