Festa da Nossa Senhora da Piedade

The Festa da Nossa Senhora da Piedade is taking place this weekend in Caniçal.

The tradition of the Festa da Senhora da Piedade is repeated every year in the parish of Caniçal, a religious festival of great popularity.

Thousands of people participate in the party in honor of Senhora da Piedade that takes place on the third weekend of September. This is a festival very similar to the other Madeiran religious festivals, which will take place between the  16th and 18th of September .
On Saturday, pilgrims will pick up the image from the chapel at the top of the hill and spend the night in the parish church of Caniçal.
The following day, Sunday, and after Mass, a boat procession takes place, where pilgrims travel across the sea to restore the image in the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, thus ending this unique feast.

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