It Does Fit…..

Man goes to extreme lengths to prove his bag meets easyjets baggage requirements. 

Not Madeira related, (but he may have been travelling to Madeira) but pretty funny. Would love to know how long it took him to get the bag out.

Holidaymakers can all relate to the frustrating in-flight baggage requirements on budget friendly airlines. If your cabin bag doesn’t meet the requirements of 45 x 36 x 20 cm, then you should expect to splash out a small fortune for the pleasure.

Trying to bypass the airline’s in-flight cabin bag requirements, an EasyJet passenger has gone to extreme lengths to prove that his hand luggage meets the recommended size. A video here has skyrocketed online after documenting the customer kicking and hitting his bag to show that his belongings met the criteria against the airline’s measuring tool. The clip posted by TikToker @hotasfo_o has already surpassed a jaw-dropping 25 million views to date, and viewers are in stitches over the ordeal.

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