Passenger movement at RAM airports grew by around 40% in October compared to 2019

In the month of October, at RAM airports, “a movement of 391.6 thousand passengers was registered, transported in 2,821 aircraft (commercial flights), translating year-on-year variations of 35.8% and 29.9%, respectively”, but when compared to October 2019 (pre-pandemic period), there were also increases, of 39.8% in the movement of passengers and 31.6% in the movement of aircraft”, reveals the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM ), which today releases information from ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal for the third time.

The first monthly data on air transport in the Autonomous Region of Madeira began to be released in October, taking into account August data, data that now in accumulated terms (January to October), show “year-on-year variations in aircraft and passenger movements of 74.0% and 116.3%, respectively (+15.3% and +19.2% compared to the same period of 2019)”, he signals.

According to DREM, in the month in question, “each aircraft (considering those that landed and took off together) carried, on average, about 144 passengers (139 in October 2021), at Madeira Airport, while at Porto Santo that amount did not exceed 83 passengers (68 in the same month)”.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in that month, “the movement of domestic and international passengers at airports in RAM recorded positive year-on-year changes, with domestic traffic growing more (+36.0%) than international traffic (+35.6%) ” and that “compared to the same month of the year before the pandemic (2019), domestic traffic grew by 44.4% and international traffic by 35.6%”.

From Diário Notícias