Unrestricted Christmas and New Year Parties

The Christmas and New Year parties in Madeira will take place without restrictions. The guarantee was given by Miguel Albuquerque, this Tuesday, at Curral das Freiras.

It was during the tour of the stalls selling chestnut and walnut derivatives that the president of the Regional Government, among many hugs and kisses to the people who did not miss the Chestnut Festival, said that “the parties will be held according to our tradition” .

The only change to consider concerns the restrictions on energy consumption, which lead to the lights being turned off earlier, with the party being carried out with traditional tents, childbirth masses and fireworks.

And, according to the Madeiran chief executive, the corraleiros are already the reasons to celebrate, taking into account that this year an increase in chestnut production is expected, in part thanks to the successful fight against the chestnut wasp, as highlighted by Albuquerque. The good results point to more than 120 tons of nuts.

From Diário Notícias

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