The Municipality of Porto Moniz marks the Christmas season, taking the opportunity, at the same time, to raise awareness of the importance of environmental preservation, through the project “Natal Mais Verde”, a project that culminated today with the assembly of a Christmas tree using bottles of plastic whose collection involved the collaboration of commercial establishments and students from the municipality’s educational establishment.

Emanuel Câmara, Mayor of Porto Moniz, points out that this initiative is a good demonstration of the art and ingenuity of a municipality that, with limited resources, seeks, in partnership with local establishments, to give a different glow and a personalized touch to the Christmas decorations in the county. The mayor thanks everyone involved in this project and highlights the importance of the initiative, considering that it reveals that “environmental awareness can and should be worked on in the most diverse contexts and calling for everyone’s collaboration”.

The Christmas tree, set up on Rua dos Emigrantes, in front of the entrance to the Swimming Pools, was built using around 1300 plastic bottles supported by more than 400 meters of cable, in an action carried out only with human and material resources from the Câmara.

From Jornal Madeira