Savoy Signature resumes “plan to leave Madeira”

Brand wants to reach the national market, Lisbon.

“The plan to leave Madeira has not yet been implemented, but the objective remains on the table”. Ricardo Farinha, commercial administrator of Savoy Signature, wants to arrive in Lisbon, preferably, but the brand is also open to international investment.

On the island of Madeira, Savoy Signature is satisfied with the six existing units, but does not rule out the island of Porto Santo.

Still on the subject of repositioning, Ricardo Farinha explained that a recruitment process is already underway to fill all the shortcomings that will arise, due to the specificities of the services.

At the moment, 12% of Savoy Signature’s employees, out of a total of 1,300, are foreigners. In fact, the brand has even been developing partnerships with hotel schools from abroad, such as São Tomé and Príncipe.

Employees who, guaranteed the commercial administrator, enjoy all the working conditions offered to the rest.

Savoy Signature, through the voice of its commercial administrator, Ricardo Farinha, presented this morning the results for the year 2022. A year already of “some normality”, in the post-pandemic period, and which was “one of the best ever in terms of invoicing”.

“We reached 70 million euros in turnover”, he said, to the journalists present, noting also the various awards received by the brand’s units. A “recognition” that makes them happy and that will continue since a repositioning in the market will take place, namely in Saccharum, a unit located in Calheta.

The Savoy Signature hotel collection comprises six units, namely the Savoy Palace – Tribute Cosmopolitan Resort; the Royal Savoy – Heritage Sea Resort; the Saccharum – Hedonist Design Resort; the Calheta Beach – Fine Sand All – Inclusive Resort; the Gardens – Panoramic Adults – Only Hotel and the NEXT – Connected Sea Hotel.

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