The NRP Mondego odyssey in Madeira is not over yet. The vessel had scheduled a trip to the ~Selvagens for this morning, but engine problems ended up postponing the trip until the afternoon.

The garrison was ready to travel to Selvagens, where the Maritime Police and the Institute of Forestry and Nature Conservation staff were to leave to replace the previous team.

However, engine problems ended up bringing forward a trip that the Navy itself had asked to bring forward one day.

The replacement of the operatives was scheduled for Tuesday, as confirmed by an IFCN source to JM. Already after nine at night, the NRP Mondego tried a second time to start and the problems returned, this time with smoke accompanying the engine problems.

The intense smoke coming out of the ship was still frightening, but everything returned to normal and the departure time was scheduled for later. An hour later, everything was ready for a new attempt to start from the port of Funchal towards Selvagens. However, despite the much movement on the ship, it remains moored at pier 6.

From Jornal Madeira

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