Madeira Classic Car Revival also contributes to the preservation of the regional automobile heritage

With Funchal’s seafront teeming with people around the almost 500 vehicles on display, the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, has no doubt that the Madeira Classic Car Revival also contributes to “reinforcing the value of Madeira in the regarding the preservation of this heritage”.

Running until tomorrow, Sunday, in this 10th edition the event features a total of 463 vehicles, of which 70 will participate, tomorrow, on the XIX Rampa dos Barreiros.

He praises that such a large number of participants is only possible because the owners of these historic vehicles “are dedicated people and gladly accept this challenge” of being present at this event, which is already a reference in the programming of major events in the Region.

Restoration and maintenance put the Region at an enviable level when it comes to the preservation of these vehicles, to the surprise, especially of the many visitors who are on the island.

The governor, who is also a Classics enthusiast, recalls the importance of these cars leaving the garages, because an old car parked is a car condemned to spoil and, consequently, disappear.

The event, organized by the Clube de Automóveis Clássicos da Madeira (CACM), has the well-known television presenter Jorge Gabriel, the official ‘speaker’ of this edition.

The programme, which started at the end of the afternoon on Friday, fills this weekend with exhibitions in Praça do Povo and surroundings, competitions ‘Best of show’, Restoration, Elegance and Originality, tributes.

From Diário Notícias