Planes are being diverted to Porto Santo airport

The strong wind that can be felt in Santa Cruz is preventing landings again and has already caused the cancellation of two easyJet flights. 

The wind is once again conditioning airport operations in Madeira.

So far, two flights have already been cancelled, between departures and arrivals, at Madeira Airport, as well as several divergent and delayed connections.

Until 7:30 pm, four flights had been diverted and four more planes are circling around trying to find a window of opportunity to land. In this sense, Porto Santo airport is “welcoming” some of these aircraft that are waiting to try a new approach to the Santa Cruz runway, as is the case of two Condor aircraft, one from Transavia and the other from easyJet.

The wind strength intensified from 5 pm onwards, according to data collected by the IPMA meteorological station at Madeira Airport. In the last hour, the most intense gust was around 62 km/h.

From Diário Notícias

The Ponta Delgada flight has just landed, only  after spending some time in the air for a chance to land.

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