Take advantage of the holiday to see the stars in Madeira and Porto Santo

Today is the day of Nossa Senhora do Monte in Madeira and International Reiki Day

The Astronomy Association of Madeira promotes, this Tuesday, August 15th, two sessions of observation of the stars in the Region.

The activity called ‘The Summer Constellations’ takes place in the protected area Parque Ecológico do Funchal, at 9.30 pm, and begins with a reading of the celestial sphere and a brief introduction to astronomy.

After these moments, there is the nocturnal observation of visible celestial objects throughout the duration of the session, with evidence of the main stars and summer constellations, the movement of the celestial sphere, stellar clusters, nebulae and visible planets.

Finally, there is a specific approach to the figures of Ursa Minor, Major and Dragon in which the theme of precession and subsequent movements is associated.

The session is open access and lasts for hours. The meeting point is Casa do Areeiro.

It should be noted that, recently, the Association of Astronomy of Madeira ‘won’ an Astronomical Observatory, located in Chão do Areeiro, more precisely in the old Meteorological Station of Areeiro.

The second activity promoted by the Associação de Astronomia da Madeira, this Tuesday, takes place in Porto Santo, having as a meeting point at 21.30, the entrance of the Basic and Secondary School with Pre-School and Nursery.

The three-hour session also begins with an introduction to astronomy, followed by regular observation of visible celestial objects, with emphasis on the main stars and summer constellations and gas giants. In addition, star clusters, nebulae and the Andromeda galaxy will also be observed.

Registration for both activities can be done here: