Fourth consecutive day with extreme temperatures equal to or greater than 33ºC

Summer blazes on, another photo from me of the sun rising from Caniço de Baixo this morning.

For the fourth consecutive day, Madeira recorded extreme air temperatures above 33 degrees Celsius (ºC), with this Saturday at around 1pm, Quinta Grande recorded 33.0ºC, the extreme value of the maximum temperature so far.

Yesterday the absolute maximum reached 33.2ºC in Santana and Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo, after the day before, on the 5th of October holiday, the record for the maximum temperature ever recorded in the month of October was broken, with the ‘mercury’ rising to a ‘scorching’ 34.7ºC, in Funchal/Observatório.

The previous day, Wednesday, the maximum surface air temperature rose to 33.3ºC in Monte and Quinta Grande, remaining just 1ºC from the previous record (34.3ºC, on October 23, 2014) .

This month of October, there are already five days in seven in which the highest air temperature reaches 30ºC. This value was the maximum recorded on day 1, in Porto Moniz.

As has been the case consecutively since the 4th of October, very high maximum temperature values ​​continue to persist in several locations in the Region covered by the IPMA meteorological station network in the Madeira Archipelago, and today, until the end of the morning (12:00), the temperature reached 30ºC in Monte (31.6ºC), in São Vicente (31.4ºC), in Ponta do Pargo (30.4ºC), in Santana (30.3ºC), and in Pleasures (30.0ºC).

Until 12:00, Areeiro recorded the lowest maximum temperature (23.3ºC).

From Diário Notícias