Helicopter rescues tourist who got lost in Seixal

A French tourist, around 30 years old, entered a route not recommended and got lost today in Seixal. It was located above the old Bride’s Veil tunnel, after starting on Sunday morning the route in Ribeira do Inferno, in São Vicente, and having spent the night in a tent that he took with him.

When he realized that he could not find the way to return, the foreigner will have asked for help on Monday morning when he saw cornered.

The Volunteer Firefighters of São Paulo went to the location. Vicente and Porto Moniz together with the Forest Police, but as the man was in an area of ​​difficult access and had to use sapper material to cut bush and get to it, which would take several hours, the helicopter from the Regional Civil Protection Service.

The man was rescued moments ago by rescuers and will be transported by air to the Regional Service of Civil Protection.

As DIÁRIO reported, this is the second rescue done by helicopter in less than 24 hours. On Sunday afternoon another tourist fell in Ribeira das Cales when he went to take a photo of a waterfall, mobilizing several members of the Firefighters mountain rescue team Madeiran volunteers and the helicopter that later rescued him.

From Diário Notícias