Navy rescues British citizen on ship off Madeira

A citizen, of British nationality, aged 60, who showed symptoms of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), was rescued this morning, while on board the ship ‘IONA’, which was sailing 163 nautical miles, approximately 301 kilometers, northwest of Madeira Island.

​​​​”The alert was received at MRSC Funchal, at around 6:28 am, via telephone contact from the ship. The Urgent Patients Guidance Center Mar (CODU-Mar) was then contacted, which, through the information that pointed to signs stroke considered the need for immediate rescue”, informs, through a statement, the Portuguese Navy, which coordinated the entire operation, through the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Subcenter of Funchal (MRSC Funchal), and in collaboration with the Guidance for Urgent Patients – Seafarers (CODU-MAR) and with the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC IP-RAM).

After the alert and rescue, the ship moved to the port of Funchal, where the crew member disembarked, at 4:25 am, and was transported to a hospital unit with the support of agents from the Local Command of the Maritime Police and the ambulance from the Maritime Association. Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters who were already on site.​