Madeiran government keeps schools running

After meeting, this morning, at Quinta Vigia, with some of the members of the Madeiran Executive, the President of the Regional Government gave a press conference, where they took stock of the Region’s preparatory measures and capacity to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, as well as analyzing the impact that COVID-19 is and may have on our economy.

Here are some dominant notes from Miguel Albuquerque’s intervention:

. Schools will not close. At the Moment

. Recommends postponing the finalists’ trips.

. There is no final decision on the Flower Festival.

. The commanders of the ships must give a note of sanitary control before entering the Port of Funchal.

. An Italian yacht from Italy was prevented from docking. It will stay offshore.

. There is a drop in the number of tourists already, between 15 and 20%.

Danish couple who did not respect the quarantine will be subject to legal proceedings.

Due to this press conference, Miguel Albuquerque cancelled a visit scheduled this morning to the company ILHOPAN – Panificação e Pastelaria Lda.

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