Near 290 people are quarantined in Madeira due to Covid-19

The Health authorities of Madeira are currently monitoring 288 people who are quarantined for having had direct contacts with the three patients, all over the age of 60, who have so far been diagnosed with covid-19 in the Region.

The information was released this afternoon by the vice president of IASaúde, at a press conference to assess the evolution of the coronavirus in Madeira, where Pedro Ramos, regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, was also present.

Bruna Gouveia said that in the past 24 hours, nine more suspected cases of coronavirus with an epidemiological link to several areas with active transmission to the disease have been validated. These cases were oriented towards the service dedicated to covid-19, performing the respective collection of samples for laboratory analysis.

So far, the suspected cases identified by IASaúde in the Region have risen to 39. Of these, 32 were negative, 1 positive (case of the Dutch citizen who was reported yesterday to the National Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge), 2 with a positive preliminary result today in the reference laboratory in Madeira and 4 that still await results.

Bruna Gouveia explained that the two new positive cases identified today are imported situations, one with a connection to Dubai and another to the Netherlands, as in the case confirmed yesterday (Dutch tourist staying in Funchal).

“An increase in the number of active surveillance contacts was also reported, with 288 people being monitored daily by the health authorities of each municipality (Funchal and Câmara de Lobos),” explained the vice president of IASaúde.

One of the people infected with covid-19 who was diagnosed today, from the Netherlands, had contacts with at least 97 other people who are currently undergoing preventive isolation, with the epidemiological investigation taking place in the municipality of Funchal.

The second positive case, comes from Dubai and five contacts were identified with which he established, a low number explained in large part by the fact that the patient in question had completed the quarantine in Câmara de Lobos as soon as he arrived in Madeira.

The 24 SRS 800 24 24 20 line has received 169 telephone calls and 2,560 since the beginning of the pandemic in the Region in the last 24 hours.

From DN