According to the contacts established between the Regional Command of Relief Operations and the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere, the entire archipelago of Madeira is expected to be associated with the presence of a mass of hot and dry air, with hot days expected until August 30, especially the 26th (Wednesday) and 27th (Thursday). These days, on the south coast of Madeira, the maximum air temperature can reach 32ºC.

The region will also have very high UV levels over the next few days.

The relative humidity of the air will be low, temporarily with values ​​below 30% in the mountainous regions (above 500 m), during the days 26 (Wednesday) and 27 (Thursday).

The wind will generally be light to moderate (10 to 35 km / h), with gusts that can reach about 50 to 70 km / h at the eastern and western ends and mountainous regions, during the 24th and 25th (Monday and Tuesday) and 28 to 30 (Friday to Saturday).

In view of these meteorological conditions, the Regional Civil Protection Service recommends the adoption of the necessary preventive measures, suspending the:

Fires, or bonfires for recreation or leisure, or for making food, except in places intended for that purpose;

• Burning of cut and piled shrubs and any type of exploration leftovers;

• Launching balloons with fuse, inflammable fuel or any other type of rockets;

• Smoking or making a fire of any kind in the forest spaces and roads that surround them;

• Immediately inform the official entities (112 / Fire Departments / SRPC, IP-RAM) of any outbreaks of fire with a view to an early and immediate response to possible emergencies.

From Jornal Madeira

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