Pyrotechnic show involves 78 operators and around 350 people

Everything is ready for the year-end firework display in Madeira. According to Marco Costa, CEO of ‘Henrique Costa & Filhos “, although fire stations will only be installed tomorrow, all preparations are already completed.

This year, the official recalled, there will be 59 fire stations (57 in Funchal and 2 in Porto Santo).

According to him, the assembly process was “relatively easy”, also because, he explained, “we are already used to big projects of this nature. For us, working more on this project is not just another one – because this is one of the best shows in the world. – but, associated with all our logistics and our ‘know-how’, it is easy to associate with him “, he added, referring to the fact that, although the Madeira show has a very high bar in terms of media, The company’s knowledge regarding the organization of this type of event helped at the time of its assembly.

Working in Madeira since the 6th of December, Marco Costa told JM that the pre-assembly process went so well that the company managed to earn two days of work, that is, it allowed the granting of two days off to employees who were on the ground.

On the night of December 31st, the Madeirans can count on a countdown for five minutes before twelve. During this period, “minute by minute” pyrotechnic shots will be presented. In the last ten seconds, the count will be more intense, from “second to second”, in order to arrive at midnight.

It is recalled that the investment of the Regional Government for this end-of-year show is around one million euros.

From Jornal Madeira


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