New Measures Being Announced

The positive effects of vaccination and testing in containing the pandemic have enabled the Government to gain the confidence necessary to ease circulation restrictions as of May 3, but the Executive admits to retreating if the number of covid-19 cases increases again, jeopardizing the safety of the population.

From 3rd May

The Regional Government has just decreed the opening of restaurants and bars until 10 pm, with the seating of tables restricted to five people. It is forbidden to consume alcohol inside the establishments for those who are standing.

During this bathing season, pools with limited occupancy also reopen.

Within 15 days, these measures will be evaluated and, if necessary, the Government can retreat to control the pandemic.

Supermarkets will also close at 10 pm, with the capacity restricted to 50%. All hygiene rules and the use of a mandatory mask are maintained.


As of midnight tomorrow, cultural and artistic activities, including cultural events and conferences, are allowed in indoor and outdoor spaces, provided the following rules are observed:

– In spaces with fixed chairs, maximum occupancy must be ensured up to 50% of its capacity, guaranteeing 50% for the social distance between people;

– In spaces without fixed chairs, the ratio of 4m2 per person should be checked.

As the executive has just announced, breaks will not be allowed during the sessions, maintaining the mandatory use of the mask, the control of body temperature, social distance, and the entire respiratory etiquette, as well as the mandatory creation of pathways. entry and exit of spaces.


In care homes, visits extend for 1 hour.


The gyms now have a 50% capacity and group classes in the open with a maximum of five people. This is yet another measure that the President of the Regional Government has just announced.


There is a green light for the resumption of wedding ceremonies and baptisms, but the capacity of the events is also restricted to a 50% occupancy.

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