Albuquerque appeals to “common sense” not to have to close establishments

“If people comply and are responsible, we will not change anything,” said Miguel Albuquerque about the measures to contain the pandemic. The president of the regional government was speaking at the end of a delivery of certificates, at the University of Madeira and referred to the good indications received, from the secretaries of Economy and Health, after the meeting with entrepreneurs from nightlife establishments.

“We are going to see if people have the good sense to safeguard the interests of everyone and especially those who have establishments”, he says.

Common sense translates into behaviors that reduce Covid-19 transmission.

The aim is to stop the increase in the number of positive cases and not lose control over the chains of transmission.

All over the world, he recalls, there are restrictions, countries in confinement and to prevent Madeira from having to adopt more restrictive measures “it is necessary not to abuse”.

“We live in a society in which it seems that there are only rights, but rights imply duties and people must have the duty of restraint and realize that this is a serious disease”, he warns.

For now, the End of the Year remains as announced, without major limitations, but everything depends on maintaining control of the transmission chains of the pandemic.

From Diário Notícias

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