Madeira Carnival canceled due to pandemic situation

The Regional Government has just announced the cancellation of this year’s Carnival celebrations, due to the evolution of the pandemic in Madeira.

In a note sent to the editorial offices, it is mentioned that the regional authorities understand “that the security conditions in terms of public health are not met for the event to take place”, which is why the parties that would take place between the 26th of February were cancelled. and March 2nd next.

At this moment, “the decision is being communicated to the associations and responsible for the troupes, which this year presented a total of 19 candidacies for the Carnival parade”, refers the same note.

In making this decision, “the concerns of the groups involved that transmitted difficulties in the organization of the trials, due to the fear expressed by the participants regarding the danger of contagion”, also weighed heavily.

Contrary to what happened at the Flower Festival which, in the last two years, was postponed, the same is not feasible with the Carnival parties.

“For the Regional Executive, the right decision is thus to cancel the planned events, hoping that, next year, it will be possible to have revelers parading in the streets again”, says the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, following the trend at national and international level.

From Diário Notícias

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