Doca do Cavacas prohibited for bathing

The bathing area of ​​Doca do Cavacas, in Funchal, is prohibited for bathing, according to information released by the Funchal City Council, through the municipal company Frente MarFunchal, which is responsible for managing the bathing complexes.

The reason for the ban is related to pollution in sea water, detected following fortnightly inspections carried out by the Regional Directorate of Health of bathing waters in Madeira and Porto Santo.

In a note sent to the media, the municipality rebels that “the values ​​detected in the analysis, in the laboratory, determine, in accordance with the law, that the red flag be hoisted until a new analysis is carried out to verify the state of the waters. When samples are collected and  new samples at the end of the morning, the results will be known on the morning of the next Friday. Until then the bathing complex is prohibited from bathing to preserve the public health of bathers”.

The same source reveals that the Municipality of Funchal, together with the Frente MarFunchal that manages the space, immediately carried out an inspection and inspection of the facilities of the beach and the restaurant there, and no anomaly was detected, nor any occurrence in recent days in existing lifting stations.

“The inspection by the Funchal City Council is now focused on the surrounding areas, namely to the east of the Doca do Cavacas, towards Funchal, where the dirt identified there seems to come from”, reveals the CMF.

Until the results of the counter-analysis are known, the beach will remain open to the public, but conditioned to not being used for bathing in the sea and in natural pools.

From Diário Notícias