Traces of snow on Pico do Areeiro

The predicted possibility of snowfall in the highest points of the island of Madeira ‘painted’ this morning with a light white blanket of snow and/or hail in the area of ​​Pico do Areeiro.

In the middle of the morning of this Sunday, the temperature at the top dropped to -0.8 ºC and throughout the night and morning the accumulated precipitation was (until 11:00 am) 17.5 mm, that is, conditions that reinforce the possibility of snowfall. Temperatures around zero degrees should remain in the coming days, as well as some precipitation that could be in the form of snow.

At the top of the island, the Pico do Areeiro weather station has been recording negative air temperature values ​​for six consecutive days. Since last Tuesday, the 24th, the minimum temperature in this highest meteorological station has dropped below zero, with emphasis on the -2.3 ºC recorded on the 26th, Thursday, the lowest value of this Autumn winter. Today, the extreme minimum temperature at Pico do Areeiro until the end of the morning was -0.8 ºC (09:30).