The user was undergoing treatment and managed to leave through a small hospital window, last Saturday, without being seen. The son of José António Mendonça, 51 years old, born in Machico, asks for help from anyone who can find his father, who says he is going through a bad phase in terms of health and needs a lot of help.

The man had already been observed by the medical team when, suddenly, he disappeared from the observation room, at a time when he was already medicated and waiting for the results of the tests requested by the doctors.

According to a SESARAM source, the 51-year-old individual, born in Machico, took advantage of the absence for other duties of the health technicians and nursing team and managed to leave the interior of the room through an almost tiny window. He jumped out the window and, taking advantage of some external scaffolding for works, disappeared without a trace.

The man was wearing, at the time of the disappearance from the hospital, a burgundy t-shirt and dark tracksuit pants, and the family requests prompt contact number 961049854 or the Public Security Police (PSP).

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